Monday, 10 October 2016

04 - Where have all the female engineering students gone?

The title might seem a little bit forced, but otherwise I couldn't show you this video that I just found :) I wanted to write a post about engineer women because I recently attended two conferences (and will attend shortly the third) and couldn't help but notice one shocking phenomenon: the saddening ratio of female participants. (I'm a little bit afraid of writing about this so I want to make it clear already that I'm  not against engineer men, neither against engineer women, I just observed something that I'm sharing with you now.) You may say that it's perfectly normal in the engineering field but I can't agree with that because this is not what I remember back from my undergraduate and graduate student years. Before continue reading (in case you still insist on that...) please keep in mind that I do not intend to present here a scientific paper on the topic, just trying to capture my thoughts and collect my personal experiences on the issue.