Thursday, 4 February 2016

00 - A bit about me and this blog

Where to start? Oh yes, sorry for my English, I would prefer to write a blog like this in Hungarian (which is my mother tongue), but I suppose it should be written in English... Actually using the terminology of my project is easier in English even for me, just the rest is not :)

My other problem is that when I start writing anything that is not strictly limited to technical text, it becomes hard for me to control my mind and usually my thoughts just start to live on their own! (At least I'm aware of this...) I remember my first ever technical report. At the end I was supposed to write a general introduction, but what I first wrote for this introduction soon became a preface before the 'real' introduction. It wasn't found proper in technical sense so I had to compromise with my supervisor. Actually it wasn't too easy for me to understand and accept that the hypothetical future readers don't want to be entertained by my report, but just want to read dry facts, clear goals and even clearer conclusions. Since then I have learned more about 'technical writing' and its own rules however I still feel much more comfortable using a personal tone even when I'm talking about bridges. Especially when I'm talking about bridges! :) Therefore I decided that in this blog I'll try to apply a mélange of a personal tone and the technical topics.

I also have to admit that so far I haven't really decided anything about this blog. So at first let's just give you some basic idea who I am. (It's probably useful for me too to revise this from time to time :)) I'm a young (?) civil engineering PhD student in France; who doesn't speak French. Yet. I really want to learn! I took a French course and my colleagues are helping me too so let's hope that by September I'll be able to say I speak French. My PhD is part of the TRUSS project (Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety) and funded by the European Union. We are more than a dozen young researchers in the project started our PhD last year at different locations, even in different countries. As you can see I'm number 8, which is fine as I was born in August. So now you also know the reason why I always feel cold... (However I still love snow!)

My topic is the title of this blog (probably you guessed this) and later you'll discover more about it, but I don't want to spoil it all now. Oh, and I haven't said anything about my nationality, have I? I'm from Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary. Just to be clear it's never been the capital of France and we don't speak French there, but Hungarian. (Bad luck for me now.) Since I started my PhD I've been staying in Clermont-Ferrand. You may have heard of the city if you liked rugby but otherwise don't feel bad, I'll probably write about it later. ;) I'm based at a company called Phimeca Engineering, where I share the office with some really nice French people. It's a small office, we are about 11 people, mostly young engineers, and there is a truly good atmosphere.

Last but not least I want to say a few words about my background image. You can see there the structure of the TGV railway station at the Saint-Exupéry Airport in Lyon. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and was opened in 1994. I have to admit that I'm fond of Calatrava's works, so you'll surely find more pictures of such structures in this blog :)

If you have any kind comment, don't hesitate to share it anytime with me. If your comment is rather harsh or negative, please share it in the evening, so it wouldn't ruin all my day ;)

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