Wednesday, 13 December 2017

08 - Ma première "vraie" formation en français

So yes, it's true, I attended my first French training. First of all I had to admit that it was very tiring and I wasn't able to focus 100% of the time. Actually it reminded me of the times when I was doing my exchange year in Prague during my BSc. In Prague it was the first time I was following (technical) lectures in English and it was pretty much the same feeling as following the past two days this training in French. I try to summarize the phenomenon in a few steps:

Step 1: You understand more or less everything, you can follow what is going on, you are proud and happy.
Step2: You start to lose your focus from time to time but you still follow the general ideas and you are still kind of happy.
Step3: At one point you realize that you are thinking about the weekend, or about the new Star Wars that is coming to the cinemas this week. You shake your head (I sometimes literally do it, but this may not be valid for everyone :) ) in order to lose these unwise thoughts and get you head back to the topic of the lecture.
Step4: You start to have a headache, pain in your back or sore eyes. You feel that you don't understand anything, you are totally lost and you feel that staying there is completely pointless...
Step5: You have two options at this point.
Step5A: You either make a last big effort to get back your focus and in this way probably you can manage to follow the lecture again for a short time. In this case you will be happier but you will be probably totally exhausted afterwards. And if the next day the training/lecture continues then you may start directly from step3 and you may find yourself in a vicious circle of step3-4-5. And I'm not really sure if this circle can be broken by a pint of beer in the evening....
Step5B: The other option is to give it up for that day. You just let it go. This won't make you particularly happy that day but you have a good chance to recover for the next day. OK, a beer would probably still help – at least if you are having these experiences in Prague... :)

To make all these more 'scientific', I also prepared a graph (with carefully chosen colours :) ) of these 5 steps. Dashed lines represent the case of applying Step5B instead of Step5A.

Coming back to my training, it was a 2-day training and the first day I followed more Step5B, while the second day more Step5A. And even though yesterday night I was really tired, now I feel quite OK and in overall also quite satisfied ;)
At this point (assuming that you were persistent enough to reach until here) you may be wondering what kind of training I attended after all? So it was a training for PhimecaSoft, the software developed by Phimeca (surprise!). It is based on python and helps users to do fast and robust uncertainty calculations including distribution analysis, building surrogate model, doing reliability analysis and so on. One of the real strength of it that it can be easily linked with models constructed with other software such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, OpenFOAM etc. The long and short of it is that it's really cool :) And the training was just this cool :) :

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